Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Utrecht and Amsterdam Part II

Just a few more photos from the end of our stay in Holland. Two things you need to try in Amsterdam - 1) "Bitterballen", a meat-based snack, covered in batter and fried with curry and vegetables. It may sound kinda weird, but it's great dipped in mustard (how can anything battered and fried NOT be  great, seriously). 2) Pancakes! We went to a fairly popular chain called Pancakes Amsterdam. Be prepared to wait a while at any time in the day (you'd be surprised how popular pancakes are for dinner..), but it's definitely worth it.

a mishmash of noms
croque monsieur (Got really used to these in Europe)
dutch version of a "patio"
I need my own cheese wheelbarrow
banana peanut butter pancake (mine)
ham and cheese pancake
apples and cinnamon pancake
Happy Monday!


1 comment:

  1. I love the dutch version of a patio! I'm also jealous of all this food! mmmm delicious! I need to take pics of my food when I go away!


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