Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grand electric

Grand electric, bustling just as much outside as in
Anyone that has a remote interest in the toronto food scene should have heard some of the buzz surrounding Grand Electric, the small mexican-american joint on Queen West, in the past few months. I ventured there on Friday with a few friends to see what all the hullaballoo was about and all I have to say is, get yo ass there asap!! And get there early. Or late, because there will be a line, and it will be long. We arrived just before 8, and the (lovely) hostess said the next table of four would be available in about an hour and a half. Luckily Parkdale is not lacking in the bar/food department so we headed across the street to The Rhino for a drink and some app's. Although we didn't actually get in until just before 10, I can truly say it was well worth sticking around. Not only is the menu price savvy (taco's for $3.50) and the ambiance totally cool ( rooftop patio, picnic table benches, Jay-Z blasting all night, come on.....), but the food was just incredible. I'm starting to see the appeal of smaller menu's - the food comes fast, and always tastes salivation-worthy. My favourite on this menu would have to be the fish tacos, crisp and grease-free, with the grilled corn (lightly covered in a cheese butter) following in a close second. Also, the drink menu is rather impressive, especially for bourbon lovers (there are bourbon lovers out there right?)
bourbon mint lemonade and the grand electric sour (bourbon sour)
an elaborate bourbon menu
tuna ceviche
beef cheek taco, fish taco
grilled corn
grilled squid
....and another round of fish tacos
happy! (note the cool menu in the background)
If you're looking for some sweet eats on Queen, check out grand electric. The patio shuts down at 10:30, but the inside rocks until late.

Happy Tuesday!


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