Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paris - Not sure how French women stay so thin...

Seriously, the whole concept of a stick-thin Parisian women is an anomaly to me... either they don't get out much, or their metabolism had adapted to French cuisine over the years. Regardless, the food and wine in Paris was unbelievable, and yes, it is true, it is very comparable to Italian cuisine (which is better? comment). Unfortunately, this was near the end of my trip and I had become a bit lazy with recording the restaurants and dishes we ate, but I hope the photos will suffice.
This restaurant was called "Finzi" and it had AMAZING pasta

Happy Thursday! My weather network app keeps shifting from "Sunny and 30 degrees" to "Chance of severe thunderstorms"....*shakes head. Hopefully it's just a glitch in the system...


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