Thursday, March 8, 2012

Savoureux, delicieux

I was in Montreal this past weekend and thought I'd share some of my favourite foodie photos! It was really nice to be somewhere with a legitimate winter season for a change (aka THERE WAS SNOW).
          Van Houtte vanilla cappuccino with cinnamon
     What I thought was a french beer, but is apparently Belgian
Thanks to an excellant recommendation by my good friend and native Montreal-er Kayla, we headed to Bottega Pizzeria on our first night. Such a great place!! And what a jumble of ethnicities - an Italian restaurant,  in the heart of Montreal, with English speaking's a good thing there isn't much of a language barrier when it comes to food. Bottega had a great atmosphere, which to me is almost as important as the food itself. It was busy, but not overpacked, and I really wish I had thought to ask about their playlist because the music was awesome. The giant wood burning oven in the back made it hard to concentrate on anything else but the pizza you could smell them cooking to perfection. To top to all off, our server was a gem..even after the bottle of wine was gone. 

Charcuterie board to start (obviously)
La Quattro Formaggi - Gorgonzola, taleggio, provolone, ricotta
Il Diavola - San Marzano tomatoes, fresh Fior di Latte mozzarella,
basil, salami, fresh chilli peppers in the top right corner (I didn't touch those)
Post dinner espresso
Saturday morning/afternoon we headed out to to Orange Press√© for un petit d√©jeuner (for those not as culturally diverse as I, that means breakfast).  What a great little brunch spot, serving all the classics along with freshly squeezed O.J. The owners were true Monteralians - he said his family has had seasons tickets for the Montreal Canadiens since 1948! So many cups seen since that time....*sigh..

Mushroom, Onion, Red pepper omelette, home fries, toast, side of fruit
Just the Grand Slam Sh'bam not so petit dejeuner - 2 eggs sunny side up,
home fries, ham, 2 pieces of toast, and a side of fruit
Just a really nicely displayed hot table in one of the shops downtown
Je t'aime Montreal.

Happy Thursday!


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