Monday, March 19, 2012

Easiest rack of lamb recipe you ever did see

So I had a rack of lamb thawing out in the fridge, and wanted to try this semi-extravagent recipe (thanks to my mama) with a whole mishmash of spices. I heeaded home from the library, planning to stop at the grocery store near my apartment to gather all my ingredients and what do you know -CLOSED. Blast. Stupid Sunday's and everything in Guelph closing at 7 pm..... Instead, I opted for a much simpler recipe, but one that still tasted pretty amazing. My new cooking rule: When you don't have spices, sauces, or decent ingredients to make a fancy marinade - use mustard. 
1. In a small bowl, mix dijon mustard and honey dijon mustard (the grainy kind)
with salt, pepper, and a spice blend (I used Mrs. Dash Original Blend)
2. Rub the spread over the lamb, making sure to get the sides and in the
(Rack of lamb, evenly coated with the mustard rub)
4. Put a tbsp of oil in a pan, and sear the lamb over high heat. This only needs 
max 1 minute on each side!
5. Transfer the lamb to a lightly oiled roasting dish and place in the oven,
at 435 degrees. Cook for 15 minutes, until insides are just pink.
6. Pair with vegetables and a side salad. 
Rack of lamb in a mustard rub, with roasted red peppers/onions and a salad. Not too shabby for someone with an almost empty fridge. Sometimes simple is the way to go.

Happy Monday!

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  1. FOLLOWING- now i just need to find some lamb that graze on ice


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