Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tea time

Pandora's box of tea
I've been extremely busy with school/work/random other time-consuming events, and haven't been cooking or visiting any trés cool places as of late. However, I thought the least I could do is post on something that has been keeping me sane over the past crazy week - tea! For those that know me, I am tea obsessed. I love tea, all kinds of tea, from all kinds of places. My favourite is loose leaf, and I used to have a small teapot that would make a good 2-3 mugs of tea at a time (really need to get on replacing that..) but for now I settle on an amazing individual infuser from David's tea, given as a gift by my good friend Kristina .

  1. "Baby Me" tea - a loose leaf tea I purchased at St. Anne's Spa last year. Probably my favourite tea of all time.
  2. "Warming Joy" Collection by Tea Forté - Not only do these tea bags come in the prettiest little pyramid satchels, but the assortment of flavours is incredible - my favourite is Harvest Apple Spice. This box was a Christmas gift (part of the Holiday Collection) but I will definitely purchase more from this company in the future - Found here.
  3. Celestial Seasonings "True Blueberry" herbal tea - I'm a big fan of berry flavours, and this 100% all natural tea with hibiscus, orange peel, and blackberry leaves is also high in antioxidants. Too hot for tea in the summer? Make a pitcher and add ice - Found here.
  4. FORLIFE Asian Style Tea Cup by David's Tea - Seriously the best mug/infuser combo I have seen in a long time. The infuser is large enough to let the leaves breathe, but the holes are small enough that you don't get any falling through into your mug. AND the rubber handle means you can pick it up as soon as you've filled it with boiling water. Bye bye burns.  - Found here.
  5. The lid of the mug doubles as a coaster for the infuser when you're finished steeping.
  6. "Organic Gold Rush"by David's Tea - Made with golden mulberries, with creamy coconut slices and white tea, this tea is sweet with a hint of caramel. Note: the amount of tea in the infuser was just for photo purposes, you really only need about one berry and a few coconut pieces for sufficient flavour. - Found here.
Spring is approaching, the weather's getting warmer, and I am desperately wishing I had a barbecue. *Sigh..

Happy Thursday!

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