Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mitzi's on college

Before I headed back to Guelph, I was lucky enough to enjoy a delicious brunch with some Toronto/Boston friends.  Welcome to Mitzi's, a serious eatery nestled on College, between Dovercourt and Ossington. Like most teensy weeny cafés, the wait was prettttttty substantial and it didn't help we were a party of 6.  But with good company and a fresh pot of coffee, what's an extra half hour, really? It didn't take us long to decide what we wanted once we were seated - the menu was super short, just one page with about 8 items on it. While almost $14 for pancakes is a bit steep, they were quite possibly the best pancakes I have ever eaten in my life - seriously tasted like a little piece of heaven melting in my mouth with each bite. My vintage photo montage was inspired by this homey hipster atmosphere; I don't have instagram but I thought a little of my own editing would suffice (read: antique/sepia everything). 
A cozy place
The wait was a bit long, but at least there was coffee 
The perfect menu, short but sweet
Some good people
Oatmeal buttermilk pancakes with poached pears and caramelized pecans
side of fruit and home fries -$13.75
Poached eggs on crispy polenta with marinated red onion, spicy tomato
corn relish, and home fries - $13.95
Scarmbled eggs with sundered tomato, green onions, goat cheese,
and of course, home fries - $13.95
Alas, it seems that my encounter with this delicious gem is only going to be a one time thing (not even because of the long wait). According to an article on BlogTO, it looks like Mitzi's has served its last batch of pancakes this weekend, and is closing up shop. Don't fret, there are still two other eateries owned by the same person,  Mitzi's Cafe and Mitzi's Sister. Perhaps that will be a weekend visit in the near future, but I will likely only go before 10 or after 1:30 when most serious brunchers have already dragged their hangover heavy heads back home (ha). 

Happy Hump Day!


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