Tuesday, May 22, 2012

London - An indian diner

For those that don't know, London is surprisingly famous for its indian cuisine. After browsing the web and scouring magazine ads for numerous overpriced and "touristy" dining spots, we took the advice of our hotel bellhop and headed to a small spot close by called "The Indian Diner" (good luck trying to find that). Although we were slightly hesitant to stay as we entered THE tiniest little restaurant filled to the brim with customers (mainly business men still suited up), we had no regrets after this authentic indian meal. Unfortunately, I can't remember what each dish was called, and since we were served about 8 times, you'll have to bear with my choppy food descriptions.
Indian beer - it's very smooth
Poppadoms! (aka giant rice cake)
Awesome stuff you put on the poppadoms
Beef and salad and a fried potato thing
Vegetables and meat and lentils
Noms and naan 
Despite feeling full to the brim with different meat and vegetable mishmashes and sauces, it was one of my most memorable nights in London. Now on to finding something just as good in Toronto......any suggestions?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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  1. My goddness, that looks incredible!


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