Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Second only to those in the Junction, College/Ossington eateries are among my favourite in Toronto. There's something about finding that hole-in-the-wall diner that makes the best grilled cheese you've ever had, or a tiny storefront selling only specialty cheeses. A while ago, my sister and I and stopped in at Hadley's for a pre-concert bite. Hadley's, located at 940 College St. is likely best known as a smokehouse, delivering comfort food favourites all made on-site with fresh, local ingredients. You won't find any foie gras or beef bourguingnon here but tender ribs, hearty sandwiches, and flavourful salads are all over this menu. We decided to share our entire order, but looking back I think we could have handled an entree each pretty easily.  
I opted for a Smokin' Caesar, but their martini menu
was surprisngly impressive
Pulled pork sandwich and side of fries ($10)
Tender pulled pork shoulder with coleslaw on a Portugese bun
Green Goddess Salad ($9)
Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and parmesan cheese with a  dressing
of avocado, basil and olive oil
We did alright.
As a rule of thumb, food bloggers rarely visit the same place twice but I can safely say that Hadley's will be a repeat offender for me (gasp). And next time, no splitting.

Happy Tuesday!

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