Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl! An excuse to make food!

the Mufaletta

Even though I don't watch football and have no real interest in the Super Bowl (half time show excluded), I do enjoy the fact that this, like most other major sporting events, supports the need to make lots of delicious, hearty, and filling foods. I know the menu usually consists of hot wings, nacho dip, chili, etc., but this year I decided to try something different. Low and behold, the Mufaletta. Yes, you heard right - Mufaletta! Essentially, an extremely large sandwich with different meats and cheeses layered into a scooped out bread bowl. How can you go wrong with a sandwich?? Or should I call it...the man-wich...

loaf of rustic french bread
olive tapenade (store-bought, or homemade if you have time)
sliced deli meats (whichever you like - I used mortadella, turkey, and capicola)
sliced cheeses (again, whatever you like - I used havarti and provolone)
sliced red onions
spinach or fresh basil

Slice off the top of the load and pull out the innards. Similar to
carving a pumpkin, only with dough.
Spread a thin layer of tapenade on the bottom of the bread bowl.
Spread your first layer of meat - Mortadella
Spread your first layer of cheese - Havarti
Second layer of meat - Turkey
Second layer of cheese - Provolone
Layer of spinach, red onions and a few basil leaves
And so on and so forth. Continue layering until you've filled the bowl,
then finish with a  final layer of tapenade. I think mine got to 12 or 13 layers...
Put the top of the loaf back on, slice the mufaletta down the middle and voila!
Attempt to eat the man-wich!

Mufaletta's are awesome because you can mix and match different types of meat and cheese. Next time I would add a layer of sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and pickles into the mix.

Happy Mufaletta Monday!


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