Saturday, December 10, 2011

Not your average Kiwi

TGIF!! ....Not that it really matter's to me since I am both unemployed and home from school for the semester -Booya! Either way, last night myself and some lovely ladies decided to dine at a King street hotspot, the King West Kitchen, also called the "KiWi".  This place had a great ambiance - it was intimate and classy, without the white tablecloth posh feel. And our bartender was amazing! There was no drink menu (only a wine list) but he made sure to accommodate every one's needs. Note: If you have a sweet tooth, ask for the raspberry martini.  For this location (King and Bathurst), I thought the price point was very reasonable (read: an $8 salad exists), and the food was great for a simple, fresh-tasting meal. 
Goat cheese, figs, red pepper and bean salad ($12)
This was my order, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm definitely going to re-use this recipe at home.

Pan seared sea bass, fingerling potato salad ($18)
Bass was tasty, but the portion size was kind of weak for an entree.

Capellini, sautéed shrimp in pesto sauce ($16)
These shrimp were delish.

Pizza with salami, olives, peppers, mozzarella ($14)
The picture should say it all.....

Kiwi burger with cambozola and BBQ sauce, side frites (#10)
Burger was a bit dry, but the fries were amazing. I know it would be hard for a restaurant to screw up fried potatoes but these were spiced really well, and didn't have that greasy food taste.

Overall, a good place in a great location. I think I'll be back again, maybe only for drinks and some light app's though. And likely in the summer so I can put their spacious patio to use!



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