Monday, October 15, 2012

Universal grill

Interior of universal grill. taken from their website

As a firm advocate of breakfast, nothing excites me more than Sunday brunch with good friends. Yesterday I had the delight of trying a new spot - Universal Grill, at 1071 Shaw Street in Toronto.  Even though it only seats about 35-40, the wait was less than 30 minutes - which is huge for anyone that knows the typical toronto brunch scene.  It's not your 'less than $10 greasy spoon', BUT the food is, well...not greasy, and your tummy leaves (very) happily satisfied. I had the house cured salmon and eggs on toast and it was PERFECT. Sometimes smoked salmon leaves a real fishy taste in your mouth, but these lox were succulently sweet and not overpowering.
Cappuccino to start
Special - Scrambled Eggies: house cured salmon on an omlette, with spuds and toast ($13) (Mine!)
Omelette of the day ($11)
Huevos Rancheros ($12)
Be sure to check out the "Specials" Chalkboard behind the counter, that's where I found my heavenly entree. Or, if you're a huge nerd like me, you can look up the Specials on their website which they update daily (extra points).  Oh, also! Do you like mussels and Tuesdays? Every Tuesday the price you pay for mussels is the same as the time you order (5:00 PM = $5, etc.). 

Soo.. if you're bored of the same old sunday grub and want a new hidden gem to try, head to Universal Grill. If you aren't looking for it, you'll probably miss it.  Right on the corner of Shaw and Dupont, keep your eyes open for the bright blue building (or the awesome patio if it's summer).

Happy Monday!


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