Thursday, February 20, 2014

big crow

Girls love brunch. They love brunch with their boyfriends, with their siblings, maybe even with a grandparent if they're into that, but they most definitely love brunch with other girls. A daytime activity with eating, chatting, coffee-ing, re-hashing, and usually some drinking - it's probably the second most girly activity imaginable, next to shopping.  This weekend I joined in a girly brunch at the most non-girly of brunch spots. Welcome to big crow, sister restaurant to the previously blogged rose and sons. This is not your average eggs and bacon brunch spot. Inspired by the beautiful Algonquin Park, Big Crow looks more like an in-the-forest lodge you would stop at for some food after a full day of canoeing, and perhaps a portage or two.  Fur hides layered across long picnic benches, instant coffee, and this dude below cooking over an open fire surrounded by piles of chopped wood - brilliant. And they don't just win on aesthetics either, their food was the real kicker. It all had the same homey feel that R&S had, but instead of grandma's cooking, it was more of an Uncle Bob grilling over a campfire experience. And we all love Uncle Bob.
hot smoked salmon platter, hard egg, dill cucumber, everything bagel ($15)
bbq bacon and fried eggs, garlic broccoli ($14)
coal baked brie, roast garlic with chillies, toast ($14)
soft and sexy maple and cheese grits, fried egg and mushrooms ($12)
The portions were generous, the food was flavourful, and the dishes were refreshingly different from the majority of brunch spots. Everything had a delicious smoky taste without a hint of burntness. This was just their brunch menu but I've heard chatter that the dinner items are even better (1/2 a rabbit in honey butter hot sauce…anyone??). And they DO take reso's so if you want, you can bring a whole girly squad. Make sure you don't have a hot date right after though, as you will leave with a strong smoky scent lingering in your hair. Eau de char, the new trend.

Happy Thursday!


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