Monday, October 14, 2013

giving thanks

If I eat any more turkey or pie, I'm going to turn into a turkey or a pie. Maybe a turkey pie. Regardless of the pain my body may be in today, the culinary feast I experienced yesterday was worth every bite. This post will be a shameless depiction of a delicious thanksgiving that no, I did not cook myself. I'm not going to sugar coat it - besides a bit of assembly work, my only real contribution to the meal was the dessert (and I may or may not have eaten some if the night before...oopsie). My Mom took the reigns on this feast, loosely following the recipes from the Williams Sonoma Blackberry Farms Thanksgiving catalogue while throwing in a lot of her own brilliant ideas and admirable cooking talents. For her, I am thankful.
the bird - dad's own recipe

collard greens with lardons and caramelized shallots
brussels sprouts with radicchio and pancetta
wild mushroom and root vegetable gratin
focaccia stuffing with roasted chestnuts, bacon, and apples
apple cherry cobbler - my contribution, recipe coming soon!
I hope everyone had a fun/family/food/friend filled weekend!

Happy Monday!


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